B. EU Brussels Summit, 14 December 2018


“…with regard to the new system for the distribution of migrants and refugees, the new asylum system, and here – as I said before – some forces seem to attempt to postpone the debate on the revision of the Dublin Treaty after the European elections. There is a motive behind all this. Greece has strongly insisted there should be no delay in revising the Dublin Treaty and this is why I would also like to present this proposal at the Southern EU Countries Summit likely to take place – after a long time – in Nicosia towards the end of January. My goal is to have a strong and collective block of more countries requesting for a revision of the Dublin Treaty. In the migration issue, we cannot have a discourse where each country fends for herself.

For example, Greece, which currently hosts about 70,000 asylum seekers, cannot be treated as a country that can solve this problem because this problem is ours only. The problem is European. These people want to go to other European countries, so the responsibility should be shared. This is our position, this is our attitude and in this position and attitude we will insist the next time. “