Minister for Migration Policy Dimitris Vitsas at the Council of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs in Luxembourg (12 October 2018)


Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas participated in the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council on 12th of October in Luxembourg, where the migration issue was included in the agenda.

Mr. Vitsas outlined the Greek positions, emphasizing the need to find collective European solutions, while stressing the urgent need to conclude consultations on the Dublin Regulation within a short period of time. The Minister for Migration Policy argued that a key element of the revised Regulation should be the balance between solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility among EU Member States.

He reiterated that in managing the refugee-migrant flows, it is crucial to seek a common European solution so that there is a fair distribution of asylum seekers, highlighting that the current situation with the burden weighing only upon the first reception countries is not a viable option.

The Minister also briefed his counterparts on the current situation in Greece, particularly with regard to the ongoing flows of refugees and migrants in the country’s maritime and land borders.