Refugees and Migrants Visit Thessaloniki’s Upper Town Historical Monuments


Refugees and migrants from the Hospitality Structure in Nea Kavala/Kilkis visited historical monuments in Thessaloniki on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

Fifty refugees and migrants were offered a guided tour by archaeologists; with great care and admiration, they listened to them, asked about the monuments and took photos.

Similar initiatives were organised in the following months by the Thessaloniki Ephorate of Antiquities in co-operation with the Regional Hospitality Coordination Office of Northern Greece and Epirus of the Ministry for Migration Policy.

The regional Co-Ordinator for Refugee Structures in Northern Greece and the Epirus of the Ministry of Migration Policy, Nicholas Rangos, stressed: “This pilot programme could yield results and operate based on a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Migration Policy. Via this initiative, these people ‘escape’ for a while from the hospitality structure, see something different and become more tourists and less refugees and migrants. When they return back to the structure they convey the message to the others who did not have the opportunity to visit.”