View daily fire risk maps on National TV Stations

Athens, June 24 2019

The daily fire risk maps  will be broadcasted today and on a daily basis from the main news bulletins of national and regional television stations in an effort to reach out to the population of areas at risk of fire but also for the necessary preventive and self-protection measures.

The publication of such a daily map is an international practice, especially in countries facing major forest fires, as a part of the forest fire prevention plan. At the same time, the daily map aims at informing citizens in a timely manner to prevent actions that may cause a forest fire out of human negligence.


The daily TV broadcasting of the map is part of the strategy of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection to increase public awareness and is being implemented with the collaboration of the Secretariat for Crisis Management Communication of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information as well as TV stations.


It is recalled that the Daily fire Risk map is a forecast for the next day, following its publication.