Fire Brigade: Information about the wildfires that have occurred in the areas of Manikia, Pyrgi, Ag. Georgios in Evia


Press Release

July 5 2019


The wildfires that have occurred in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri in Evia yesterday are underway. Initially, at about 2.15pm on July 4, a wildfire occurred in a agro-forest area in the Community of Manikia. Immediate action was taken and a significant number of Fire Brigade units both terrestrial and aircrafts rushed to the area.


In the area of ​​the wildfire there are scattered settlements, whereas the specificity of the geographic relief of the area together with the high temperature, were favorable conditions for the wildfire. However, the strong fire fighting force that rushed immediately into the area limited the spread of the wildfire.


For the protection and safety of the residents of the area, the head of the fire brigade advised the evacuation of the residents of the Community of Makrychori. The evacuation was carried out by the competent Civil Protection unit of the Municipality.


Also, just before midnight there occurred two more wildfires, in the Communities of  Pyrgi and Agios Georgios, which evolved simultaneously. Immediately, powerful fire brigade forces rushed into the area. At the same time, the head of the fire brigade recommended the proactive evacuation of the residents in the settlements of: Lofiskos, Dafni, Neochori and Gavala, which was carried out by the competent Civil Protection Unit of the Municipality.

At the areas of the three wildfires, there are operating forces from the regions of Attica, Central Greece, Thessaly, Western Macedonia and Peloponnese.  More precisely, the operating forces on the ground are: 175 firefighters with 78 vehicles, 60 fire fighters of trekking units, 20 firefighters with 10 vehicles of the Mechanized Special Unit of  the Fire Department (METEPE), while the local administration is assisting the effort with 12 water tank trucks and 6 bulldozers. At early dawn there started operating 4 Canadair aircrafts and 3 other aircrafts. Also, a team of the Fighting Crimes Division (CAEF) is already in the area investigating the causes of the wildfires outbreak.

The residents of the wider area under wildfires are kindly requested to follow the instructions of the Authorities for their safety and for the facilitation of the extinguishing effort.