Trial SMS and CBS transmission by the Ministry of Digital Governance and the GSCP

The trial SMS transmission under the “interim solution” project was completed on Wednesday July 31, 2019 according to a joint press release issued by the Ministry of Digital Governance and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

The exercise involved an SMS transmission to all cell phones of citizens that were at the time in Syros Island, with the exception of cell phones that were connected via roaming services. At the same time, under the implementation of the European Emergency Number 112 project, a trial transmission of CBS alert was also made to all mobile phones located in the same area.

The SMS “interim solution” was announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on July 12 in order to cope with the incapacity of some devices to receive CBS messages via 112, yet the prospect being for the system to become fully operational within a month.

Today, 17 days later, the SMS “interim solution” is delivered to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, fully operational technically and within the next 10 days the state will be fully ready to send SMS to all mobile phones located within areas of interest.

Leaving the Fire Corps Operational Center where the trial took place the Minister of State for Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis said: “Both the SMS and the 112’s CBS trials were successful. As you know, the “112 System” will be available by the end of the year. It is a pioneering system, however, when the Prime Minister visited the Ministry of Digital Governance 17 days ago, he had called for an “interim solution” until the system becomes operational. Today, 17 days later, the technical part of this solution, simply being able to send SMS to areas where a problem has occurred, is basically operational, with a few additional actions and technicalities still due, partly by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. We will stick to our monthly deadline to get hold of this “interim solution”.And, overall, a year after the Mati area disaster, the least the State owes to Greek citizens is to be able to accomplish its best. We will not be able to avoid all civil protection crises, but we must do the best we can.I would like to express my gratitude to the telecommunication providers who responded to the government’s plea, and I would also like to thank the General Secretariat for Civil Protection who hosted us today and especially the Secretary General for Telecommunications Mr. Antonis Georgatzakis who coordinated all actions needed on behalf of our ministry”.

The General Secretary for Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias said: “We are at the beginning of an effort, and we thank the Ministry, the Minister of State and Digital Governance and the Secretary-General of Telecommunications and Networks for their support in this trial operation. There is a long way ahead of us, the following days there will be the necessary staff training so that by August 10 we will be able to meet the Prime Minister’s mandate and launch the mid-term SMS solution that will be maintained until the end of the year when we expect to have completed the 112 process, with respect to every citizen’s life and safety. The General Secretariat for Civil Protection is present in the area of citizens’ safety, which is our priority”.