GSCP: Readiness and alert measures for the next three “alarm status” days

An ad hoc press conference regarding the “extreme fire hazard” warning issued for Saturday, August 10, 2019, was held on Friday 9/8, by the Secretary General of Civil Protection, Mr. Nikos Chardalias. According to the GSCP press release, Mr Chardalias said: “For the next three days many areas of the country will be in Alert status following the relevant fire hazard anticipation. This state of alarm has not been set in our country since August 2012. In particular, we have set in Alarm Status (Danger Category 5) for tomorrow 10/8 the following areas: Attica Region (including Kythira Island), Central Greece Region (eastern Boeotia, central and southern Euboea), Peloponnese (Corinth, Argolis, Arcadia, East Laconia) and in precaution status (danger category 4) the following areas: North Aegean Region (Lesvos Chios, Samos, Ikaria), South Aegean Region (Cyclades), Peloponnese Region, Region of Central Greece (Euboea, Skyros, Boeotia, Fthiotida, Fokida), Region of Western Greece (Achaia, Ilia), Region of Ionian Islands (Zakynthos).

We proceeded in issuing a signal for implementation of additional and readiness measures due to the extremely dangerous situation. We are today (9/8) at 8 pm convening a central Civil Protection Coordination Body in a special meeting along with all stakeholders involved in order to determine all details and instructions regarding their mobilization. We called for the immediate meeting of all Regional Civil Protection Coordinating Bodies in all the Regional Units as well as of the Coordinating Local Bodies in the Municipalities involved in the general alert. In the next three days we are expecting and we are expected to handle extreme weather conditions involving high temperatures, strong winds, prolonged drought and low humidity.

We call our fellow citizens to:

  • remain in full vigilance and alarm
  • take immediate preventive measures to protect their life and property, as well as the environment
  • avoid any activity or initiative that may cause a fire or uncontrolled situations
  • immediately mobilize every neighborhood, every village, every town and contact the Fire Service and the number 199

The Fire Corps and all forces and civil society institutions in the country are on the alert. We recommend discipline and calmness. In the next three days we should all be cautious, all be present, all be alert and vigilant. It is time for us all to work together to protect ourselves. “