Ministry of Citizen Protection: More than 1,400 Refugees and Migrants are transferred from Moria to Northern Greece


Hellenic Republic


Athens, September 2, 2019


In the framework of implementing the decisions adopted during the meeting of the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense which took place on Saturday, August 31 2019, more than 1,400 refugees and migrants are transferred from Moria Reception Centre to host structures in Northern Greece today, September the 2nd.

The first ferry, with more than 600 passengers aboard, has already departed from the port of Mytilene to Thessaloniki.

A second ferry will follow in the afternoon, with approximately 800 passengers on board.

About 1,000 migrants will settle in the hosting structure of New Kavala, in more than 200 properly equipped tents. The rest will be settling in various structures of Northern Greece.

Transfer from Thessaloniki port to host structures is carried out in co-operation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). During the journey, trained staff will provide support to those transferred.

The settlement of refugees and migrants in the Nea Kavala structure is temporary; by the end of the month they are to be transferred to a new facility, whose construction is being completed.

During their stay in Nea Kavala, any burden on the local community concerning cleaning, and the provision of health care and water will be immediately addressed.